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    Female soccer: the key to breaking the chains of poverty in Liberia. Female soccer is not widespread in Liberia. Liberia is on the west of Africa. West Africa has elicited a lot of legendary male soccer icons, including the current President of Liberia; His Excellency Dr. George M. Weah. He is the only African soccer […]


  • Unique Monique Construction Company: Places we’ve worked.

  • How to become an internet business person.

    Internet business is minimising expenses and maximizing profits through making sales online. Since the Internet boomed the world, it has boon economies. It has placed the world into your palms. You often hear people saying the phrase “global village”, meaning all the continents are interlinked. No business person can easily succeed without connecting through technology-a […]

  • 670,000 Liberians live in extreme poverty.

    According to worldbank.org, since the Ebola virus crisis and the break down in the prices of global commodity, 1.5 million Liberians live below the poverty margin and 670,000 Liberians live in absolute poverty. The worst blow are in the Southeast and the North part of the country. Counties with this absolute poverty problems, the report […]

  • Issues affecting Liberian youths.

    The fragility of youths in Liberia is unfounded, this is because Liberia is a rich land with poor people. Writing about the Liberian youth’s situation is so perplexed that one does not know where to start from. Since the inception of peace, she has transitioned two administrations with tranquility and there are prospects that the […]

  • Inside the vision of Unique Monique Construction Company.(Paynesville City, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia).

    Unique Monique Construction Company is a real estate business. It is an off shore enterprise of Evidence Determined Production. You can find us in Paynesville City, Montserrado county, Republic of Liberia. The investment was envisaged by the Chief Executive Officer of EDP because of his background as a construction contractor from his early days. Growing […]

  • Peace Doctrine of my father.

    “You need peace when the world is at war”. The globe is bleeding because a powerful leader chose war instead of peace. 2022 marks the end of a peaceful coexist among the comity of nations. There haven’t been any tumultuous times in history since World War Two as it is today. Power drunken leaders start […]

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    The use of marijuana(Cannabis Sativa) as herb in Liberia.

  • How to become an author in this dispensation.

    There are no distinct steps in becoming an author but as a writer, there are techniques and strategies successful writers implement to reach to the highest level. When you arrive at this peak in your writing career, it is not over until you reach the end of the road. You can even touch every part […]

  • The use of marijuana(cannabis sativa) as an herb in Liberia. Part 2.

    Take a look and read further. I asked a few professionals who uses marijuana regularly. These are excerpts of our conversations. Question 1: what are the effects you get from smoking wee,? Answer from a transport motorcyclist; It makes me focus when I am in the traffic. It also gives me appetite to eat and […]