How to become an author in this dispensation.

There are no distinct steps in becoming an author but as a writer, there are techniques and strategies successful writers implement to reach to the highest level.

When you arrive at this peak in your writing career, it is not over until you reach the end of the road. You can even touch every part of the globe, the world is in your palm.

Information Technology has streamline our world, it has connected us closer. It made us closer. It gave rise to the continents becoming more interconnected. There is no adhesion impetus in the world as compelling as information technology-you may not be my tribe but you may be members of the social media. You may not come from the same country, you may be members of the same club, follow the same groups, public figures or the same stars. Yes, that’s how porous the world has become.

To become a venerable author in this dispensation, you ought to follow these steps:

1. Create a title/topic you want to publish.

2. Make sure to complete your manuscripts.

3. Edit the manuscripts: you can hire professional editors to do the job for you. If you can’t have the money for professional editors, do it yourself. Give it to friends and family who are willing to actually evaluate your works and believe in your dreams.

4. Upload your manuscripts unto a publisher or send it to a publisher. There are two types of publishers: I. Traditional Publisher and II. Self Publisher. The latter seems to prevail because it is the fastest, easiest and most assured way to publish in this modern dispensation. For the traditional way of publishing, you have to sign a contract, (possibly pay some fees) before you publish while self publishing is free and has the propensity to generate funds for you.

At a degree in writing career, you become so concern about losing your scripts you have put in so much energy to rodents and termites and plagiarists. You should digitize everything you write even if you are not yet ready to publish them.

Research for opportunities. Opportunities are always available, you have to seek it and you’ll find it. I found Fundza Literary Trust, an online library and publishing platform based in South Africa. They exposes you to a wider range of audience and secures your publications. Fundza publishes all genres of writing for free. The publisher don’t sell your books but agrees for you to deal with and sell your books from to other publishers for money. You can try Fundza Literary Trust at

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketing campaign. To sell and publish at Amazon, you must be a taxpayer in your country and you must own a business or work for a business that pays tax. It can be sole proprietorship or a company. This is because Amazon requires your tax identification number and your business registration number before they can pay you whatever you earned. There are many more sites and publishers that as an individual you can garner money from. Just research.

5. Market your products. Use the social media to promote your books. Create page(s) on your social media accounts to reach out to more people. Open stores online, begin to advertise, promote, attract your audiences and sell. Create your website and control your businesses as you wish. WordPress is a site that enables you to quickly establish a website. Contact

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