Peace Doctrine of my father.

“You need peace when the world is at war”. The globe is bleeding because a powerful leader chose war instead of peace. 2022 marks the end of a peaceful coexist among the comity of nations. There haven’t been any tumultuous times in history since World War Two as it is today.

Power drunken leaders start conflicts that they do not engage in the physical battle. These are the type of leaders who view the exercise of power as “blood is thicker than water”. Blood is thicker than water theorists build ballistic lethal weapons, plan wars, and send other people’s sons and daughters to the battlefield to kill or be killed.

Such leaders go through all odds to test their assumption of war plans and weaponry. They will order you to “kill them all, they are not your national. They are not your tribe, you are more powerful than them…”. They assign Herculean tasks to you while they and immediate kindreds live cozily somewhere comfortable.

Blood may be thicker than water but love is the thickest of everything. To make the world peaceful, you got to choose love always. If you have a love for all humanity, you won’t spill another person’s blood. Indeed, if you love yourself and your family, you will love your neighbor. Love is color blinded, love is not country bounded, and simple love for people permits you to save them rather than hurt them.

Look all around you in the world, you will always find reasons to love. There is the beauty of love everywhere and the beauty of love attracts peace. Therefore, the concept: “blood is thicker than water” is a myopic way of leading people. If you want to be a world ruler, be a world lover. The more the world loves you as a leader, the less you are hated around the world.

Leaders are species loved by the masses. That’s the basis of their ascendancy to leadership positions. In politics, for instance, the masses who love you must vote to elect you into power, in other words; the majority rules.

As a leader, always ask yourself before taking a pertinent decision “whether the people who love you will appreciate your decision?”. To weigh how sound your judgment was, study and analyze the reaction of as many people as possible.

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