Inside the vision of Unique Monique Construction Company.(Paynesville City, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia).

One of the projects of UMCC.

Unique Monique Construction Company is a real estate business. It is an off shore enterprise of Evidence Determined Production. You can find us in Paynesville City, Montserrado county, Republic of Liberia.

The investment was envisaged by the Chief Executive Officer of EDP because of his background as a construction contractor from his early days.

One of the projects of UMCC.

Growing up as a refugee on Buduburam Refugee Camp, Gomoa District, Central Region, Republic of Ghana was a tough time. You had to fend for yourself or starve and be shabby among your peers. Because of this, our CEO decided to become a builder at a very tender age of 11. 

Our CEO, Mr. Wonta friends were all grown up who sorted for construction contracts around and practice “taekwondo”. The first test was in Kasoa, Central Region, Republic of Ghana. They trekked to the block factory from the refugee camp. The work was tedious, there was an old concrete mixer yet the problem was with towing it away meticulously to the spot it was dried up.

The harsh Ghanaian supervisor demanded speed and accuracy. Mr. Wonta wasn’t strong enough because of his age yet he persevered. They towed the blocks on a wooden palette heavy enough to make anyone sweat. His sides and waist agonized.

From the moment an older Ghanaian saw him, he didn’t liked him. He told the supervisor that he was too young and not strong adequately. The older Ghanaian had hernia and he controlled the concrete mixer. He didn’t care who saw his hernia, especially during lunch, when he sat to eat gari and sugar. He grumbled about the CEO’s work style until the end of the day.

Finally, the work day was completed, but the supervisor coupled with the Ghanaian with hernia sternly warned Mr. Wonta and his friends that if they still wanted to be working at the factory, they shouldn’t bring him along with them. And they did as it was requested by the supervisor.

Mr. Wonta was not deterred by this. He continued on the construction field. He joined other workers on the bricks field and molded bricks. Therefore, predicated on this background, he established Unique Monique Construction Company(UMCC).

This company “performs everything construction”, as the company motto says. You just have to hire them for any building matters or materials. They construct from the foundation to the rooftop. They provide true real estate solutions. For more details contact this website.

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