Female soccer: the key to breaking the chains of poverty in Liberia.

Female soccer is not widespread in Liberia. Liberia is on the west of Africa. West Africa has elicited a lot of legendary male soccer icons, including the current President of Liberia; His Excellency Dr. George M. Weah. He is the only African soccer superstar who won FIFA World Best player.

A female soccer superstar.

Soccer is a sport that African players strive to play in Europe, North America and Asia because of the lucrative salary pay in the domestic leagues of these places listed. They pay you weekly with several other benefits. It is fairly true that Liberia created Africa’s greatest male soccer star and the same is true that she can propagate the greatest soccer star of all time in a female. It is the same country that birthed the soccer African myth and this same country can procreate the female soccer mythology in the African sports history.

She is regarded as the greatest soccer player. Nicknamed as Pele in skirt.

Liberia has her own unique female sport called “kickball”, but it is a failed sport. It is a failed sport because it has not yet made its way to FIFA. It is not play in any of Liberia’s national sports tournament. The highest level at which kickball is played is at high schools inter school competitions. Exceptional players are given scholarships to attend school and nothing more. You also see the game being played in communities, at colleges and universities during holidays and leisure time.

USA female soccer icon.

Dear Liberian girls and women, endeavor to make millions if you have a “fresh pair of legs”, don’t only be a “slay Queen” with them. Women are the best change makers and if many of you become millionaires and billionaires through soccer, Liberia will develop greatly. What men can do, women do it best.

Predicated on the above, Evidence Determined Production is crafting a meaningful project that will lead to a marvelous female soccer Academy and tournaments that will usher them in to the limelight of soccer.

If you want to sponsor or donate to this auspicious project, please contact this website.

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