Issues affecting Liberian youths.

The fragility of youths in Liberia is unfounded, this is because Liberia is a rich land with poor people. Writing about the Liberian youth’s situation is so perplexed that one does not know where to start from. Since the inception of peace, she has transitioned two administrations with tranquility and there are prospects that the once most peaceful nation in the world has returned to normality. Liberia was peaceful since 1822 until 1990. She returned to democratic leadership in 2005.

A section of motorcyclists at a major intersection along the Roberts International Airport Road.

According to a USAID/ Liberia Youth Situational Analysis Report, Liberia youths under the ages of 25 are generally unskilled, have fewer work experience, resources, assets and networks.

Petite traders.

This report was submitted on February 7th, 2019 and the analysis forecasted 2020-2023.

To all Liberians within these age group, it is a challenge to you. The report is simply organizing your steps for success. What does it say?

Petite traders.

1. Acquire skills: you can get skills, formally or informally. It is always good to target skills that are in demand. Skills that will bring the best of wealth and achievements. Do not be afraid to dare.

2. Work experience: valuable skills will lead you to resourceful job experience. Bear in mind, just because you have a skill does not give you an employment. It most of the time makes you the employer. The best person to work for is yourself, but it entails tremendous concentration. When opportunity knocks, open the door. There are other employers who work for other employers. It adds up your market value.

3. Resources/Reserves: In Liberia, you will hear a parlance frequently “reserves is what makes United States of America great” and yes, they are great. To enjoy the fruits of your work experience, you have to save, invest and earn more money or attainments. Life is not only about money but you need it to solve so many problems. Like the problems you are reading about now.

4. Acquire or invest in assets: another Liberian parlance you will hear again is “car is not an asset”. As you step in to your wealth, buy tangible assets that will be passed down to next generations. Help your brothers and sisters who are in the bonds of poverty. ” Teach them how to fish” and lessen the dependency syndrome. Fancy things will follow up as a matter of must, but it is not the case for attaining wealth or some accomplishments. It is about how many people you impact positively with your power. Wealth is power.

5. Create networks: keep yourself around like-minded people lest you be distracted. Make meaningful friendships, stay away from people who are afraid to think and implement their thoughts. Don’t be a racist, be aware of cultural relativism when judging by sexuality. No man is an island, no man has ever made it alone. There are friends all around the globe who will listen to you and render the help they can. Don’t be nationwide, be world wide.

It was in similar age range, our current President attained success. And he didn’t stop achieving until he reached thus far. There are so many investors, inventors, millionaires and billionaires who achieved their dreams before these ages under discussion.

If they can do it, you can do it better. Always fight poverty from its roots.

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