670,000 Liberians live in extreme poverty.

According to worldbank.org, since the Ebola virus crisis and the break down in the prices of global commodity, 1.5 million Liberians live below the poverty margin and 670,000 Liberians live in absolute poverty.

The worst blow are in the Southeast and the North part of the country. Counties with this absolute poverty problems, the report says include Grand Kru, 33%, River Gee 32% , Grand Cape Mount 30% and Bomi 30%.

This 2022 dossier outlined that poverty is expected to increase in 2023 because Liberia’s “per capita consumption continue to contract” and economy’s growth depends on more exports.

Liberia’s economy is being fuel by the exportation of minerals, mainly iron ore and rubber. To fight poverty in Liberia, you should invest in the country’s vast untapped sectors.

These sectors include;

1. Mining.

3. Fishery and

2. Agriculture

4. Forestry.

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